Blogger of the Week

There is so much i would like to do with this site to make it more interesting and inclusive but i just don't have the time. I have done a few blogger of the week features but i haven't been able to keep up.

Real quick, i want to give a shout of to Diane of Africana Wardrobe Diaries for making blogsville a more fashionable place. Besides being an "unanonymous" blogger, which is always a plus in my eyes, she faithfully keeps us posted with photos of her daily outfits. She is very fashionable. I totally dig her style. I find it to be refreshingly original. It doesn't hurt that she attends my alma mater ;)

Unfortunately, you can't leave comments on her posts anymore, but still head on over and show her some love (not sure how), you could be inspired. I think originality is always inspiring.

Here's to Diane, Blog(s)Ville Gist blogger of the week.