Canvass Bistro Bar and Gallery

Located at the second floor of the terraces Ayala. This restaurant offers Cebuanos a different taste of flavors straight from Australia. The restaurant recently opened its door to the public and offers sumptuous dishes both to the taste buds and your eyes.
Upon entering the place the first thing you will notice is the modern interior, open kitchen and lots of paintings. The open kitchen gives the customer a complete view of what is happening at the kitchen. This type of setup is advantageous to the customer, since it assures them that their food is properly prepared and that cleanliness is important to the establishment.
The service of their staff is good since we were immediately attended upon entering the place. The only problem was their serving time. It took them more than an hour to serve all of our food. My brother and dad were the last ones to be served and they were already irritated, waiting for their food to be served. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they just recently opened, but they should solve this problem if they want people to return to their restaurant.
It was a good thing that their food tasted great. After my dad and brother tasted their food they began to cool down. The presentation of their dishes is quite good. They value presentation as much as taste in their dishes. This is also why it took them a long time to serve all the orders from their customers.
The dishes have distinct taste compared to other style of cooking. One thing I noticed is that they use oregano on almost all their dishes and that the flavors are not as strong compared to Filipino and Chinese cuisine. The pork and chicken meat is also tender and the flavors of their food perfectly blend with each other.
The prices are higher compared to most restaurants in the terraces but their servings are also bigger. You will also notice that the dishes you eat there are prepared by chefs and not any ordinary cook. The chefs have different uniforms since they come from different culinary schools.
Even though it took them a long time to serve our food, I enjoyed their dishes. I just hope that this wouldn’t happen the next time around. The only consolation for waiting over an hour for our food is the complementary dessert.
Pesto and macadamia nut encrusted parrot fish with potato wedges and green salad – 365
Pork fillet medallions and grilled prawns with grain mustard sauce and pesto spinach fettuccine – 275
Chicken breast wrapped pancetta on thyme garlic juice with corn sprouts and vegetable cous cous
Barbeque rum and honey baby back ribs with charred corn wedges and green salad 320
Blueberry date and chocolate chip crumble pie with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce