Gist Time

Hello lovely people of Blogsville.....see how y'all rushed here when you saw 'Gist'.lol.Well me i don't have gist o. Lately i've been seeing some very funky blog names and it got me wondering, really i would like to know how you guys came up with your names, i bet so many other people also want to know. So can you tell us at Blogsville Gist how you came up with your names. Lets all have fun. I'l go first.
'JUICEEGAL' How did i come up with this name sef? lol. I had this bag during my A'level days that had 'JUICEE' written on it, somehow the name stuck and then the boys read a whole new meaning to it, considering the fact that i'm juicy and all *wink wink* so they started calling me 'Juicy girl' lol. Anyway when i started my blog that was the first name that came to my mind. So thats my story, what's yours???