More Newbies!

Hello Beautiful People of Blogsville!!!

This is long overdue and I'm so very  sorry for the delay.

As usual, we have some additions to our blogsville community.


Please do drop by and make them feel welcome.


Sounds interesting right? The contributors are Jaga and Isiville. Its all about Common Gossip, News and Glitz! . I may be a bit stale but it was from here that I learnt of the new Sony ps4. Hot right?  I also got my first view of Chris Brown's Community Service Pictures.
If you're truly Naija, You'd be able to relate with their 10 random facts about Naija Movies. 
Every week, they put up a random facebook picture of the week.


Abena :
Welcome the Ghanian! Its so good to have some fresh blood in our midst!  She authors 3 blog, however, only one is public.

Girl, Its not Just You : Addresses the black woman, her issues and sexuality. By the way, its the National breast-cancer awareness month, be breast aware. For all of us who have issues with stretch-marks here and there, you can learn a thing or two from her. She gives us her two cents on the Oversexed black woman. Are black women really oversexed?


A laid-back dude with a blog titled Lyrical Graffiti. He basically spits out what's on his mind...and a little more



Your everyday kinda blog about the sweet and petite Fragile Looks (I love this name!.) She's in the extraordinary league of "Skinny" but she's looking to gain weight. Ideas anyone?



" Poetic thoughts, feelings impressions and expressions... The sync, groove, motion, symphony, symbolism... Its all about Poetry!"

Lyrically gifted, lyrically speaking. He's all about heart-felt and inspiring poetry. I like!

Excerpts from Poetry of the Lonely:

"Sorrow fills the heart,
Like the slow spread of poisonous venom,
Pain is persistent,
like an insatiable hunger refusing to be quenched.
Burning embers of passion lay in the depths of the soul,
like rare artifacts waiting to be unearthed"


SPILT INK : Ever heard of the word "webisodes"? Well, its happening hear on blogsville. We have our own 24, Lost, Prsion Break etc. Its quite interesting, if I may say! You will have to start form Webisiode 1, to get the whole gist. Not to worry,.it hasn't gone too far.

Caution : You may get hooked, for real!

In their words

"Spilt ink" is an ethnic themed online soap opera based on our Imaginations. Banking on the creativity of the reader's mind, a whole new world is created. For the best experience start reading from the first post, Look in the archive below and click on the link that says "START HERE!". Don't enjoy this experience alone! Tell a Friend & Leave a Comment! Follow Happily! Cheers!"


TRUTH DON DIE : It consists of 7 team members...WOW! :

In their own words :

"There are seven of us: Controversy, Blasphemy, Unbiased, Afrikim, Sacred, Enoch and Gentian Sage. We Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it. We Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held. We Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books. We Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin. We Believe nothing just because someone else believes it. We Believe only what we ourselves test and judge to be true."

It questions everything you thought you knew and tells you some more you didn't  know. They're highly controversial, but hey, it's blogsville! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. All their posts work up a storm. The most recents are

P.S: I still have a lot of newbies which I'm yet to put up. If you fall into this category, please bear with me, I got your e-mail and I will do another post very soon.

All that said, Happy Independence, Nigeria! (in arrears?) and a nice weekend to you all!