Dear wonderful residents,

I'm sorry I was gone for a min, school work and all is taking its toll. I've got few newbies,  I need more newbie bloggers, so if you know any just hit us up.

And now, to the business of the day! As usual, you know what to do.


The newbies are:

1. UHM:

Another webisode coming your way from the stables of Mechanical Pencil. She's just 2 episiodes into the series, so its really easy to understand. Set out in modern Lagos,I like the characters because they are simple and easy to relate with. I figure she's going somewhere with it.


Any idea what this means? Anyway, Eleyeth Blaze is  a young cute teenager detailing his experiences. If you're a girl, he'd teach you not to tag along and expect people to pay for your stuff. hilarious.

He writes good stories too. Though, now that the ASUU strike (university strike) is over he's not a very happy fellow.

In his words "you shall read my blog and you shall like it, you just don't know it yet"'s right.

3. Little Girl Lost
Gaga is a die hard Lady Gaga Fan and a a left-handed teenager . If you're left handed, you'd sure be able to relate with her chronicles of just love blogs with a face behind them, it makes it very personal. Where was I again? Okay, her ramblings are interesting and funny.

Thanks for checking them out.