Update on voting

Hey guys,

Thanks for ur participation in our little competition, whether by being a contestant, commenter or voter. It's appreciated. So far we only have 29 votes. I didn't set a specific date for voting to close because i wanted to give people a chance to vote. I haven't really done any publicity for this because it's kind of on a small scale. I just did this for fun, and i'm glad u guys are enjoying it so far.

So we currently have a tie between two contestants. I am aiming for 50 votes, so once we get to 50, i'll announce and give people one more day to vote before i announce the winner. The winner get a Blogsville hottest bachelor logo courtesy of Blog(s)Ville Gist to put on his blog. How sweet is that.

Ladies, get ready. I hope u all are ready to bring it, cos u r next. Let's show the guys how it's done.