Faithful Followers Vol 1

So far we have 91 followers on this blog, you guys are awesome. So i decided to give a shout out to 10 of our (very randomly picked) followers. Did i already say you guys are awesome? I'll say it again, you guys are awesome!!!!!

I had fun looking through these blogs and some others that did not make it on this list. I like that we have about 3 blogs by teenagers on this list. Anyhoo, i hope the rest of you guys go show them some love and discover new blogs in the process. I will be doing this from time to time, just to let you guys know i appreciate you for being a part of this and bearing with my sporadic posting. You can blame it all on med school. I'm sure next semester would be better cos i would be better equipped to deal with the craziness.

Words of "Wisdom" for the day.
Know yourself. Love yourself. Improve yourself.

Oh, don't forget to follow this blog if u r a regular reader, not that we post regularly these days, but you get my drift.

Toodles and a whole lot of rice and beans (Don't ask me where that came from cos i don't know)