People of Blogsville

Calling all the creative of blogsville. As you all know, Blog(s)Ville GisT is for us, by us (our very own FUBU). What would you guys like to see on here? How can we make this a better experience for you guys. I really want everyone to feel included. I know the newbie list hasn't been very regular, but Ms. Dufa is busy with school and i'm sure she'll get on it as soon as she gets a chance.

I have some ideas of my own, that i know i have no time to do that right now. One of the things i really wanted to do was a feature called "Around blogsville" I have done a couple in the past but i really can't keep up with blogs right now, so i can't do it. If u r active on blogsville and you keep up with blogs, would u be so kind as do a summary of interesting things you've read or whatever and send it to All credit will be given to you of course.

Also, if you would like to be a part of this, the offer is still open. Bottom line, if you have suggestions on what u want to see, leave a comment. If you could do an "Around Blogsville" feature, let me know. All ideas, thots and suggestions are welcome.

Hope u guys enjoyed ur Thanksgiving or Sallah break. Mine was a welcome break from studying round the clock, I got to relax and study :) Take care everyone and remember we really can't do this without you guys.