Blog(s)ville Gist Interview Fridays

Hello Lovely people of blogsville, I know i've been gone for a hot minute, blame it on Uni among other things. I'm on Christmas break now so expect an overload of posts in the next month. This Friday we have the lovely Burramint.. Enjoy:

1) Why the name Burramint?

Hmm, well my friend used to call me that and she was the one who got me to start reading blogs so when I eventually started blogging, I decided to honor her by using that name…and oh if u haven’t figured it out yet burramint=buttermint(the Nigerian candy) in a pseudo-American accent.

2) When and why did you start blogging?

May 2008, I thought it was an interesting thing to do, kinda like a journal I would never lose. I didn’t even know there was a blogging community or anything like that. The only blog I read then was bellanija. Lol

3) I can see you have two blogs, is the second blog an online novel or something???

I’m glad you asked that; that is my baby! Barbed wire fences is something like an online novel…but not really, pretty much the description is an online account of the lives of different Lagosians and how they interact. I run it with my friend. I know the posts are not frequent but we really are trying to deliver good quality and in that we have to improve as writers as well which takes time amongst school and other things. Not to worry we are still at it Just visit us

4) Who are your favourite bloggers and why are they your favourite bloggers?

MyneWhitman- excellent writer and an inspiration to me in many ways, chinchin- she is just too talented for her own good! Iphyigbogurl- I really enjoy reading her stuff its so friendly and personal, plus she has to teach me how to make igbo dishes since I’m marrying into her culture, Sugabelly- despite the controversy I really still see her as a very intelligent lady and I just soak up all that historical info . The culture cynic cos she gives me so many ideas and tons of inspiration for DIY’s and you juiceegal(NOT! :P)

5)Any blogsville crushes?
sugarking *batting eyelashes*

6)What do you have to say about blogsville in general?

It can be overwhelming but i've learnt so much and made loadsa friends and it can be very informative if used in the right way.

7)Have you met any blogger personally?

Yes actually, not sure I can say who though… for the sake of their anonymity

8)How long do you see yourself blogging for??

For as long as I have something to say

9)Is your blog anonymous??

Hmmm I’m actually not sure about that…lol so really I don’t know

10)Any other thing you would love to add??

I look forward to reading some more interesting blogs and learning about the beautiful people of blogsville so come visit me!

Well there you have it, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed interviewing her, check back next week for another interesting interview session . Take care and enjoy the weekend...kisses