December babies....and those who left

I've been away for like forever, and I'm so sorry for my absence. Really really sorry. I was overwhelmed with exams, school and a whole lot of other things. I've been meaning to this post but I just kept procrastinating.

Anyway, a very merry Christmas in arrears to everybody and a happy new year in advance.

Well, in and around, we have some new entrants to blogsville. We'll call them our December babies.


This blog claims to have "an answer to your every problem, need or anxiety, easing your thoughts and giving you options to your problems and for  free". Interesting. Well, If you're looking for 40 ways to discover if you're a love addict or not, then you have just found it. Its more of  an "advice" blog. Well, If you've got any question, feel free to ask, because you're guaranteed free answers.


This blog reminds me of Linda Ikeji's blog, not as popular, but definitely following the same concept. It combines both Information and entertainment (infotainment) . In his words :

"This is a 'no holds barred' place for interaction between the young, the old and the em, ‘in between’ . hey i’m proud GREENwhiteGREEN so u can guess what most of my posts would be about"

Its a nice read.

Shorty simply defines herself as an introvert. Like most of us, the inspiration for this blog came from reading other people's posts. She's got me asking questions like : What is love, why do we fall in love and why can't we just live without love? 

That's it for this year! It feels so good to say that.

Well, we also had people leaving us,. quite sad. These are the few I remember left.

1.Chari and ButterCup
2. Rayo

3. Blogoratti (Not certain yet, He's been hinting it anyway)

Any one else?

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!