Blog(s)ville Gist Interview Fridays

Hello Lovely people of Blogsville, before i start i want to ask, whats with the old bloggers leaving us ehn?? just incase you didn't know NICE ANON hung up her blogging boots today. Its so sad cuz she was one funny blogger, Nice Anon if you're reading this know that blogsville is gonna miss you terribly. Anyway as always, new bloggers keep joining blogsville everyday, isn't that the way the world is, we gain some and we loose some, anyway enough about that and now to the post of the day.

We have a new blogger i'm featuring, her name is Halima and
her blogger name is PwettyBambi

yes she is not anonymous… isn’t that refreshing?
Anyways her blog is all about skincare and beauty and it includes but is not
limited to make-up advice and tutorials, skincare advice and health hair care.It’s an all in one bundle! I know the guys at this point are like whats in it for us?
but hey you guys have skin too now? She answers questions and is open for
informal consultation. She also has a YOUTUBE CHANNEL where you can look at her make-up tutorials. This is a delight for me since I need all the help I can get. Ya'll should go over to her blog and show her some love.
I asked her a few questions here goes:

1)How long have you been into make up and skincare?
I have been into make up and skincare for about 2 years

2)What do you hope to achieve by blogging?
I hope to over feed women with all the information i know
about make up and skincare

3)Are you a professional make-up artist/do you intend on
becoming one?
I am a professional in my cartoon world at the moment but
i intend to become one and i'm currently working on becoming a professional make up artist

4)Anything you want to say to blogsville?
Don't forget to watch my video's on youtube and if you have
any request pls send it to me and i will try my best to deliver. Talk to you soon and
stay pwetty.

So yes thats it.....You all go over to hers HERE and learn one or two things and for the guys, she's some hot eyecandy huh?? No?? lol.