Naija Bloggers award 2010

Okay people, it's that time again. We had the Naija bloggers awards last year and it was a success given what we had to work with. I think it should be a yearly thing. However, i cannot actively be a part of organizing it or any of that. I'm just sounding out the horn. I know there are tons of creative bloggers with a lot more expertise at putting such things together than i can ever hope to be.

You guys can use this forum to get together and decide who is interested in being a part of organizing it. You can take a look at what we did last year HERE, it was very rudimentary, so i'm hoping this year would be bigger and better. We were just getting our feet wet last yr.

Please, please let's not be passive about this. It's a lot of fun too. I just know i will not be able to devote time to it like i did last yr. I can offer any little advice i have.

What say u guys?