Around Blog(s)Ville

Okay beautiful pple of blogsville..... how una dey? I guess i sort of abandoned this blog for a little while. I had to get my act together. I'm back and ready to take this blog to a different level (I hope) or a different direction (that's more like it).

Newbie bloggers, please, please, please if you have emailed about having your blog featured and it still hasn't been featured, please send another email to and I promise you will be on here ASAP (within a week)

On to blogsville, what's been going on here pple? I have stumbled on to some blogs i didn't know existed. Some new, some old. I don't know if anything particularly interesting is going on right now.

I know Good naija girl is working hard at the bloggers awards and she'll let us know what's going on as soon as she's ready.

Azazel and Sugabelly, what's going on? It seems like Mr. Azazel enjoys antagonizing Ms. Sugabelly. Do i sense love in the air? Hmmmm......