Blogsville Drama

It's seems like there's something in the water in the month of April. Just as we are recovering from the TTTEC assault incident, we have been hit with a nameless accusation and a named rebuttal. So far most people have been civil and constructive in their comments. What Sugabelly would really like is advice on what to do but she thinks that was lost as people (being human) got caught up in the details. I will say it again, she should have gone ahead as planned. I doubt most people would have thought her a copy cat as she talked about her plans way before Myne started her site. There's enough room for everyone and their ideas.

I have to say that i am glad that Myne put up a rebuttal because even though her name was not mentioned in Sugabelly's post, i immediately put two and two together and thought of her. I was already disappointed in her. I guess that's why it's not always good to hear one side of the story. I wonder if Sugabelly would have felt differently if she had kept her idea close to her chest and never said anything about it. That way it would have been clearer that she idea was not ripped off.

There's a lesson to be learned from this debacle though regardless of who is right or wrong. Keep your ideas close to your chest, and also you snooze, you lose.

I just saw this quote on and i think it's very relevant to this topic

"Coffee wasn't a new idea and Starbucks got rich off of it.
Ice cream wasn't a new idea and Ben and Jerry's and Haagen-Daaz got rich off of it.
Water is hardly new and yet people spend more than a dollar a bottle on it and someone is getting rich.
Don't have to invent it to make money off of it.
Famous Amos got rich by doubling the butter in the Land of Lakes chocolate chip recipe."