Blogsville Birthdays

I'm a big birthday person. I usually have a countdown to my birthday on my personal blog. I didn't have one last year cos a lot of stuff was going on. Anyway, here's what i would love to do. If your birthday is in May, or you know a blogger who's birthday is in May, shoot me an email, with the blog name, link to the blog and the birthday and i will compile a list and do a feature on your blogs. Ideally this should be right at the beginning of the month but since we are just starting this, i know you guys will understand.

So please, May babies, email me with ur birthday's at If you don't send me your birthday, i can't do this. If you would prefer to leave it in the comment section, that's fine too. Let us know your birthday so we can come celebrate with u and get a piece of that e-cake.

Pls, don't be shy! lol

I'll will start calling for June babies at the end of the month. So get ready all u June bugs.