Newbies 24/5/10

At first, it was a Crush..which was soon over. Now, thoughts, events and actions about Him and Her, Guys and Girls.

Should couples keep separate or joint accounts? If separate, do spouses still have control? Do little things matter or is the big thing? Do too much little things become irrelevant over time? Lots of interesting issues, lots of deliberation Well there's always be Love at heart, whether Old or Young, it transcends us all.

Still new to blogging with just two posts up, one on the "magic" of online shopping and the other, on the diversity of colours.  In her words 
"Expect this blog to be totally random....take it as it comes. Naija babe to the core and a christian to the innermost core...!! I stand for the truth and I'm not afraid to speak the truth."

Her blog focuses on topical but interesting issues affecting Nigeria and it written in a simple and digestible manner. Mostly focuses on politics, current affairs, history and the odd bit of trivial.This newbie blog makes me feel proudly Nigerian and want to be an even better citizen. Highlighting everyday truths and flaws in our political and economic system and suggesting change is the powerful drive behind this blog.

Posts like, A Little Honesty, and a whole lot of similar posts,  notes that we can be an accessory to corruption by the seemingly little short cuts that we may sometimes takes.

p.s : I've been AWOL for a while but I'm back...I missed this place!  As usual, you know what to do. Please drop by and show them some love