15 Questions with SugarKing

SugarKing needs no introduction. (Well maybe he does ;) He is one of blogsville's resident popular jingos. His blog posts are always interesting and intriguing and you are sure to get a good laugh out of them. With no further ado, I present to you, the one, the only, SugarKing I of Blogsville.

Who is SugarKing? Tell us a bit about yourself.
 Sugarking is an Ibo boy from Abia state, naija. He came to the UK along with his twin to study for his masters which he has now finished. He is very humble, doesn’t look for anyone’s trouble, shy, a terrible procrastinator, a great lover of music, hates all manner of forming, and has a good heart above all. Lol

Why did you start blogging and how did you pick the name SugarKing?
Well, I used to write notes on facebook and was getting a lot of comments, and people used to be amazed at the way I wrote. This one girl accused me of copying one write up I did from a magazine or newspaper. She felt it was the sort of way a proper journalist or some writer would write. But my main reason for writing was/is just to pour my mind out on paper. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with a certain thought, like when I wrote “Pubic Hair” and some other ones, that actually blew me away, so writing was/is my way to just offload those incoherent thoughts on paper and then just re-arrange them till it makes more sense. Then someone introduced me to blogger. He doesn’t blog anymore. His name was tee bay.

The name SugarKing is broken into two; Sugar which is a metaphor for everything sweet, and King which is the master and supreme ruler of everything. Therefore SugarKing means, I am the King of everything imaginably Sweet. (chai, igbo good sha. The things I think of when I’m high! lol)

You have an identical twin brother. Do you guys ever switch up and pretend to be each other? Tell us the most mischievous thing you guys have gotten into?
Yes I have an identical twin. I wouldn’t actually agree we are Identical, but people most times confuse us, one for the other, so I guess that makes us identical. Besides I am bigger (in size!!!) than he is, he’s more on the lepa side, He’s been referred to as an “Ashewo” most times before if you know what I mean, Plus I’ve been told on many occasions by some useless females that he is finer than I am. Mcheeww! Em….we are both very shy people still, so we haven’t really gotten up to any major mischief though. No we haven’t. Me and that guy are some weird sort of twins though. We rarely move together (we just hate the attention), never dress alike, hell, sometimes I don’t even remember I’m a twin till someone asks “how’s ur twin?” Not to say that we don’t get along though, No, on the contrary we have a very fantastic relationship, but we have never really been the tweeny twin types if you know what I mean.

Your blog is titled "The adventures of Sugarking" and from all your escapades, it’s difficult to believe that you are shy. Are you really shy or you like to believe you are shy?
Oh, I’m shy o! Most people who have met me know I’m shy. Well, at first I’m shy sha, but when I get to relax around you and conversation has kicked off great, then I come out. I also don’t do well in large groups, I have stage fright. Not to say I’m dry or nothing, but I get on better if I am able to relax around you.

How do you manage to get into some of the escapades you talk about in your blog? Tell us about the craziest experience you have ever had with a random chic or at a club?
Hehehe, I honestly do not know how I get into those situations jare. I seriously couldn’t for the life of me, tell you how that happens. I just know that they are some of my most memorable experiences that crack me up so bad I just have to share them, hence me relating them on blogger.

Em I have never had any crazy experience with any random chic o….wait lemme think……….nah none. Lol. I won’t sit here and concoct some gist about how I nak one chic for church (while seated in the front row!) or on the ceiling fan when it was on (however possible that is. lol) But no, There has never been any sha. You won’t even find me holding hands in public let alone having an escapade. Lol. I’m an “inside” man. I said I was shy na, read above o. lol.

Can you tell us a little bit about your alter ego? You promised to do a post about it but never did.
Oh yeah, It’s a female actually, She’s a vixen, a nympho, she’s raw, and her whole aura is just built off sex. Lol. Now that you remind me, I think I’ll do a post about her soonest. Watch out!

On your blog, you describe yourself as a music producer. How did you get into making beats?
I got to making beats back in 2000 I think. Then I used to listen to a lot of biggie, Bone thugs n harmony, Jay-z and all them people that were reigning at the time. And for some reason I used to listen past the lyrics to the beat on that particular song, and really used to marvel at what the producer had been smoking to come up with that sick melody I was hearing. “How did he come up with that drum pattern from hell?” I wondered to myself. then I developed an ear for identifying specific producers with their various styles, without even knowing for sure that it was really them. On the home front, people like OJB (Producer of the albums that put 2face on the map) and a host of others really started to impress me. It was only a matter of time that I began to actually make attempts to emulate these guys. Even today I’m still searching for what it is Don Jazzy, Terry G, and K Solo and even my own twin have been smoking lately. Lol

How far do you intend to go with making beats?
My brothers, (I have two brothers and one sis) joined me when they started to hear my first beats (they have since overtaken me now, You really should hear the beats my twin makes! Check us out at myspace.com/theredcapchiefs). So at first my twin and I used to vibe off each other. He’ld be in our little studio in the garage we had now converted, at night making beats he would then play for me in the morning. Bad beats I tell you, and by evening, I’ld have made my own reply to him, which was equally good, and we just kept at it for a while till we woke up one day and said “Wait o, but what are we going to do with these beats sef?” That’s when we found an artist and made an album with him. An album we haven’t really been able to promote because we no sabi anybody, and the guys at the radio stations were asking for too much to play them. Check our artiste out at myspace.com/jalodoubleg. But recently we, The Red Cap Chiefs (a name I christened our duo, though my twin thinks the name is too local, in short he said The Red Cap Chiefs referred to just me and not both of us sef. That guy can be funny sha) recently produced a song for Shakar el Swagga (check Youtube) called “Nzobu Nzobu” to be released sometime this month. Tell your friends!!!! So its basically us just networking on twitter, facebook and everywhere else with people in the biz to get our beats out, and actually get a foot in this now lucrative naija music industry, and the fame and maybe the girls. Hehehe. Before nko?

You always talk about your love for Kpoli (weed)….. how did u get introduced to smoking weed?
Ahhh, Kpoli, A.K.A Mary Jane!!! If you ask me properly sef, I could swear that she is the Messaiah we have been waiting for sef! If we could only just open our eyes and legalize the thing!!! It is un-doubtedly the most beautiful thing on earth. I was saying to Nogo blogs (on skype) the other day, that the inventors of all these wonders; Person go dey for America press button for one plastic wey carry plenty wire inside am, put am for ear and before you know, person for ajegunle for naija don say “bros eee, this one wey you remember me today!” or a plane will carry over 250 passengers and all their baggages and suspend itself in the air for hours on end from one place to another. Look, there’s nothing anybody can tell me, walahi! the inventors had to be smoking something!

I actually had my first kiss of the thing in my second year at Uni when my man Kento pussy (as we liked to call him), brought the thing to my house. That was when I knew that I should never stop smoking it. It is a most mind broadening substance I tell you. Those people preaching against its use is just because they have seen how it opens their eyes and they don’t want many people’s eyes opening. I just hate how people tend to criminalize it and mention it with cocaine and heroine and the rest. Yeah all those ones are made from a plant; coca still, but before it reaches the consumers, it is boiled and treated with chemicals and what have you, and then a white powdering substance is produced which is injected or sniffed. You don’t have that with weed. You cut weed from the bush, dry it up, cut it up, roll it and set fire shikena, finish. How dare they mention it in the same breath as cocaine?! I tell you if everybody smokes weed, inventions created today would be obsolete tomorrow. Ideas flood your head like shege, it is just unbelievable

Let's shift gears a little bit and talk about relationships and girls. Do you believe in love at first sight or the concept of soul mates?
Well, I believe in both actually and I think they are actually both inter-related. I think that Love at first sight is primarily just lust. So you’re on the train sitting opposite each other and checking yourselves out. One person says the first word, there’s a reply and that stretches for hours on end into a most amazing conversation. You exchange numbers, text and chat for 2 weeks thereabouts, you then both meet up and have sex which is always the climax of these things anyways. when the sex is now out of the way and there’s nothing else left to do, they might then go their separate ways, while some stick around because the sex has actually made the other person more intriguing. With sex out of the way they then proceed to actually let themselves into each others worlds, startling similarities are discovered. E.t.c, That to me is how soul mates are formed. It is actually born of love-at-first-sight if I must say.

What are the qualities you look for in a female?
I get this question a lot and I think people expect me to say; orobo, lepa, tall, short, light skinned, dark skinned, but I’ll say the same thing I say to all of them, “JUST DON’T FORM”. There’s nothing I hate more than a girl that forms. A girl with an attitude so bad you go think say she dey go toilet for Mars. If you dey go toilet for Mars, me sef dey go toilet for Jupiter. Take that smelly attitude to your father’s house jare! Nonsense!
P.S but if she get big bobbie, it’s a welcome addition too. I’m a bobbie man you see. Hehehe

What do you think of females who are bold enough to ask a guy out? Would that be a turn on or turn off for you?
Ah, another debate that I get into a lot these days with females. Personally, it is a turn on for me.I did a post about it the other day and was disappointed to see the majority of females that commented saying things like “Ah, I can’t do it o!” and “It’s meant to be the other way around you lazy SugarKing”. I know society forbids it, but like I said in the post, it all boils down to the manner in which you make your intentions known to the man. Are you being slutty and all imposing with it or are you being shy, and humble but bent on telling him your mind regardless? Because I don’t think that women realize the thrill we men get from just getting compliments from a lady, let alone being toasted!!!! We live for it!!!! A girl wrote me a letter once when I was in secondary school, and it’s been about 15 years now and I still have that letter!!!! Lol

Do you think sex on the first date has an impact on the future of a relationship? Would you want to be serious with a female who gave it up so easily or it makes no difference?
Again this spills from the question above. I’ve also been in debates with ladies about this, where they claim it’ld make them seem cheap on the first night, but ok on the third night??!! Lol. My question is always “what’s the difference??!!” I think if you’re gonna have sex with me on the 3rd night, you might as well have it with me on the first, because if I’m going to think of you as an ashewo, it doesn’t matter if we have the sex 10 years later, I still will! Lol. But then I also respect the fact that you gave it up on the first day, because I realize that it took a lot from you, but you wanted me as much as I wanted you and that was all that mattered. I honestly do not see the difference between sex on the first date and sex 10 nights after, because either ways you still did it. In fact it is more annoying when we’re in some heavy make out sessions and its now time to move to the next level only for you to say “not on the first night” abeg jare. Lol.

You have mentioned on your blog that you think relationships are overrated. Why do you think so?
Yeah, most people in relationships go about it like it’s a do-or-die affair, they can’t stand to picture their partners with anyone else, so they let that jealousy envelope them, or some think their world has ended when a partner leaves them. They can’t eat, sleep or do anything else. They are grief stricken to put it plainly. All for what? I just think people need to just learn to deal with stuff. Not to say you shouldn’t give your all, because I’ve heard people say “I can’t show him I love him too much or he’ll take advantage of it”, no, but just be yourself, give your best and enjoy it while it lasts. If they wanna leave you, or vice versa, then it is what it is, you’re not the first/last person its happened to, GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!!

If you think relationships are overrated, how do u intend to pick a wife. Are you going to be one of those men who go “home” in Dec and come back with a wife?
Lol, Nah, nobody’s picking a wife for me, I’m picking my own wife when that time comes, before you go pick winsh for me. Lol. Well, I’ve never been the jealous type, though I don’t know how people find that baffling, I’ve never been one to call a girl every 5 minutes to ask who she’s with and where she is, and who’s the male voice I Just heard, I do not stalk facebook pages, do not go through phones, do not wanna share e-mail passwords e.t.c (I hate guys that do these!) I just go with the flow. What you tell me is what I believe. I’m a firm believer in the fact that what I don’t know won’t hurt me. We all have instincts, virtually everyone can tell when their partners are tired of a relationship All I have to do is confirm my instincts and I’m out. I really do not like to linger and try to make it work and stuff. I would also love for her to be exactly like me in all of the above. I can’t be with a woman who suspects my every move, or I’ld find myself lying at the slightest provocation. It’s not healthy at all. That’s my wife o.

Final question, what is the best thing about “blogsville” and what motivates you to keep blogging?
I’ve got to say it’s the posts that I read mehn, there’s some great writers on blogsville it’s just amazing to actually wonder what they’d been smoking to come up with such a piece. Lol. Original pieces too, not some copied stuff from somewhere. And it’s the words used in the write up; so powerful and just so heart stopping, you wonder whether these people shouldn’t be up there with some literary greats. And I don’t really care whether the accounts are truly yours or if they’ve been buttered and toasted before being served to me, there’s no way I can be 100% sure you are who you write about so why should I decide to not read you, because I know (like say I be winsh) that you’re lying, that you didn’t really shag all those girls you claim you have or that you don’t really ride in that phantom rolls royce you claim. All I’m interested in is how you write it. Your choice of words, your descriptive skills that just snare me to keep on reading till the end. Take our beloved Nice Anon for instance. Babe has never put up a pic of herself not for one day, yet we all refer to her as a female because she writes as one. But who’s to really say it’s not a man putting up those posts? But go to her blog and you’ll find that no one really cares. “She” gets upwards of 40 comments per post from people who can’t tell whether it’s a man or a woman or what she actually looks like. People read her because of how she writes what she writes!!!!

Take the legendary RocNaija, famous for his steamy posts netting over a hundred comments in some cases. Look properly on his blog and you’ll find the disclaimer “Some of this is true, some are just fiction”! Another proof that it’s how you write what you write people really care about. I know a lot of people stopped reading my posts because they felt I was bragging about certain “escapades” if I might use the word. “3 chics, one week? yeah right, who’s he deceiving? I won’t even waste my time reading such rubbish. It’s funny how all these female bloggers actually believe all those lies he writes. Mcheew!” and if you go on my blog, there’s NOT one post where I described how I had sex with any chic, it’s basically plans that took a weird funny turn and never happened! Lol. I like to think that people read my posts because of how I write rather that what I write sha. Anyways, Sugarking is bringing back that type of gist soon, I’ve got plenty new gist. if e pain anybody too much, transformer dey una area, find one make you nak your head put. Lol

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know SugarKing a little better. I know i did. I threw in a bonus question, so it's actually 16 questions. See how much i love you guys? :))

Have a good week lovies!!