Blogsville hottest Bachelorette

Last year we had a mini competition for blogsville's hottest bachelor. We had a fair turn out (8 bachelors participated) and i think we had fun choosing our hottest bachelor. Well lovies, it's that time again. Time to pick our hottest bachelorette. It will be in the same format as the guys. If you are interested in participating, send in your answers to the following questions to
  1. A brief bio about ur (blog) self,
  2. A picture that represents you (I understand that most of you are anonymous),
  3. Qualities you look for in a man
  4. The most romantic thing you have ever done in a relationship
  5. A relationship deal breaker
  6. Qualities you think you possess that makes you a desirable partner
  7. If you could go on a date with any blogger (based off his blog) who would it be and why?
*All questions are mandatory. Don't be shy*

If you are anonymous and you choose to send in a picture, I will be assigning participants random letters as identifiers so you would not be linked to your blog unless you want to. Pictures are not mandatory but HIGHLY encouraged.

Pls, pls, pls participate. Let's have fun with this. You have a month and a half to send in your entries. I will be posting reminders as time goes by.

Excited anyone? Let's show the guys how it's done. :D