Newbies 24/6/10

Hey blogsville,

How's everyone been doing? Congrats to all those who won awards. As usual, we have our newbies for the week. You know what to do :)

 In her own words

"The best way that I must speak, besides telling it to Jesus is to blog about it. That way, I speak and you hear. That way I am relieved and you are inspired, encouraged or enlightened. This is why I blog.I'll speak about everything, and I'll speak of nothing in particular"

Looking for the positive in everything whether its a bad hair do or living in a foreign country, she writes spontaneously as life and times lead.

Ironically, from her first post, Mz. T didn't think she'd be a regular blogger but that's what she turned out to be; she has over 60 posts up since January. There's a lot to this blog. he's has her "shoe of the day" posts and any other fashion that catches her eye. She's an aspiring make-up artists and has pictures of one of her works up

I'm in love with her hair, which she has tons of pictures of, its natural and she rocks it beautifully. If you're rocking natural hair, she has also tips on how to maintain it.

From Texas to Ibadan, there are tales of NYSC woes and every other thing around it

In her words "Life is my runway and everyday is a fashion show".

An avid blog reader who decided to start blogging. Its a personal blog which highlights her crazy shoe fetish and with of course, occasional pictures of her shoe collection and those she aspires to add to it.Currently doing her masters, there's a lot of gist to share.

In her words 

" this blog is therapy for my shoe addiction with a lil bit of amebo here and there (the Nigerian part of me!), and of course, everyday gist, rants and raves!!!"

In his words

" I just write free lance, all these ideas come and generally i express myself better writing than talking cos i don't get misunderstood this way. My blog's personal. Daily activities and sometimes major stories that
break. It's just a window peek into another person's private life."

 He's been on blogger since 2008 but took up serious blogging recently.

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