So the Nigerian Blog awards is currently going on. Blog(s)Ville Gist was nominated for best collaborative blog, but we didn't win. I would have been surprised if we did because i know we still have a lot of work to do on this site. However, my personal blog won for best personal blog. Yay me!

I took the initiative to organize the awards last year simply because i thought it would be a fun way to bring us closer as a community. It was a lot of fun and people took it in the spirit in which it was organized. I didn't want to actively participate in organizing the awards anymore because it is very time consuming and stressful and i thought i would be in school this year. So when GNG graciously offered to take over, i was happy to pass it on.

So tell me why now instead of people to be having fun with this, they are calling for transparency. What is not transparent about the process? Why can't people trust that there is no cheating going on? If i had any part in this, i would have strongly opposed the idea of putting up that poll asking to see the numerical count. Give people an inch and they will take a mile. If they were sharing money to the winners or there was something tangible to be gained by winning like becoming instantly famous or something, i would understand what is going on. Instead of people to be grateful that someone is taking time out of their life to do this, they are somehow implying that there is "mago mago" going on. I'm not impressed at all. What does anyone have to gain by cheating?

We are so used to the corruption that plagues our country that we can never accept things the way they are. We think everything is rigged and crooked and that is so sad to say the least. If that is not the case, how else do you explain the sudden clamor for transparency? I haven't heard of any other awards where they release the numerical count. Why does anything involving Nigerians have to be different. We always want to show that we know our right and all that jazz. Well, you guys are taking the fun out of this awards if you ask me. What's the fun in winning when there are people pretty much insinuating that there's cheating going on.

This is supposed to be fun!!!!! It's supposed to bring us closer as a community not tear us apart. People should please accept the awards in the spirit in which it was organized and instead of alienating the organizers express your gratitude. That is all i'm saying.

Special thanks to GNG and her team for their time and effort. I hope people can relax and have fun with the second part of the awards. That's my favorite part by the way. So if you really want to win, campaign, campaign, campaign. Apparently, popularity wins the vote.

Bye lovies!!!