So we got nominated for best gossip blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards. Yeah, ok! I am flattered, but i feel bad cos we haven't done half as much work as we need to do for this blog. I'm sad cos my free time is slowly but surely coming to an end. Once i go back to med school, my time will no longer be mine, and i will have to budget my free time wisely. I will do the best i can to put certain things in place so we can continue to run.

Thanks for nominating us guys. I hope by this time next year things will be so much better on this blog and we will be truly deserving of a win.

On to other things, a couple of ideas i have for this blog is not working out and i will not pursue it. The blogsville bachelorette thing, is a dud. Haven't gotten a single entry in, so i'm letting that go. We had fun with the guys, so i thot we could do it with the chic, but i guess not. Ask CC.... well, i might have to revise that one. I still like the main idea.

We'll see sha!
Bye lovies.