Calling all August babies

A HUGE apology to all my July babies. I really let you guys down..... well, the seven of you who actually responded. I'm sorry. I didn't put a post up as promised. I hope you guys enjoyed your birthdays though. We still have some birthdays coming up, so i'll go ahead and put those up

Happy Birthday in advance to

  • BBB - July 24th
  • 2cute4u - July 29th
and Happy Belated birthday to

  • Sue's corner - July 6th
  • Miss Enigma - July 7th
  • Standtall - July 13th
  • Blackknight- July 20th
Wishing you guys all the best in this new year of your lives.

August babies...... you are up. I promise there will be no slacking this time. Pinky promise :)