Newbies 11/7/2010

Hey People,

First of all, let me throw a BIG kiss to all those who actually check out my newbies.You know what to do :)

1. Hawts Reading Room

In her words

"What I  talk about is mainly things I'm passionate about namely: books, stories, and design - be it graphic, interiors, contemporary, arts.."

This blog is mainly about great stories/books she has read or is reading, an aspiring writer, she just might start writing soon.

" Also, every now and then I might talk about something not entirely about books, it could be about authors too or just something interesting I'd like to share. Please feel free to drop by and share your stories or books with me"

2. Obiamaka's Apparent Reasons 

Talkative is a fairly new blogger but she wants her blog "out there". On her blog, anything is up for discussion, ranging from politics and climate change to music.

In her words

"This is not your usual blogger (that's what they all say). I like politics I do find the American system interesting (and all that has to do with it partially because their media has taken it into our faces and to be fair a lot of movies have been made about it). I am also find the Nigerian hip hop emergence fascinating but you know what I don't even live in either country... technically I've got an unbiased view on both issues. I think that's how it works?"

p.s : Just incase you didn't know, newbies can send a mail to, to be feature. Newbies can also be suggested. Enjoy the rest of your week people!