Spotlight's on.....

When i first started this blog, I had a feature called "blogger of the week" where i randomly picked a blogger whom i found interesting and featured them on this blog. I haven't done that in a while and i have decided to resurrect that feature but this time with help from you guys. I will be putting up a survey and i would like you guys to suggest bloggers who you think deserve the spot light on them and they will be featured.

We currently have a survey up asking who you would like to see interviewed in our "15 questions" feature. So far we have had, Myne Whitman, Ms. Nitty Gritty, SugarKing and Azazel. We look forward to interviewing and getting to know more bloggers through that feature. So kindly participate in that ongoing survey, help up discover new bloggers who you would like to see interviewed.

Thanks for your input. We appreciate it.