Newbie Bloggers - 02/8/2010 + Absentee Bloggers

Hey people,
We have our usual newbies, pls do check them out and leave your love there.

On another note, I was going through my dashboard and was surprised to see how many of our darling bloggers have lost their mojo! Its about time we call them back, we miss you guys!

1. Clueless in Stilettos

She's a serial blogger, she's been on and off a couple of times. Well now, she's on and she's no longer anonymous. Its a personal blog which won't be getting too personal.

In her words

"The next few years will be extremely significant to me...networking events, great parties, a bit about work and my journey to starting a business, I'll keep you informed on fab events,my time at central St. Martins, great recipes, great restaurants, McDreamys' and McSteamys', literally anything and everything"

2. Eights and Weights

A health blog dedicated to all things health, exercise and good living. There are tips on tons of topics that are extremely useful, ranging from calories to weight loss and eating right.

3. Naija Words

A fun blog; more like a "naija" urban dictionary. With just two posts up, I see this becoming more and more interesting!

African Genes
It features young and promising African personalities, giving them a platform for their voice to be heard.

"This blog has a commitment to be a platform to promote and project the best of Africa to the world, especially the upcoming and the unknown.
This blog will feature Personalities,Careers, Businesses and generally everything affecting Africa."

5. Gistdotcom!!!

Sisi Yemmie isn't exactly a newbie as her blog is already stalked by most. But anyways she's just four months in, I went over to her blog and she had me cracking up. She talks about alot, from "razzness" to cooking recipes! If you're having a bad day, you can be sure to have a goodlaugh


On Another Note, I'm Calling out all our absentee bloggers. C'mon Guys! Where are you hiding???

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