Anonymous Bloggers

I started blogging January 23rd 2007. I had read Vera Ezimora's post on blogging being the new thing on and when i clicked on the link to read her blog, i was hooked. First of the girl is funny, secondly i like to write. I find it helps me sort out my thoughts and is therapeutic. Soon, i had discovered lots of Nigerian blogs. I didn't set out to read only Nigerian blogs but it just happened that way.

Funny thing is back then, to the best of my recollection everyone was anonymous. Vera was the only one who used her real name, but seeing a picture of her is another story for another day. I just assumed that blogging was a thing you did anonymously and it worked for me at the time because of the things i wanted to write about . As time passed i stumbled on other non-Nigerian blogs and they were not anonymous. It fact they were the opposite of anonymous with pictures and everything. I loved it. Then i met people like Abbie (who has since stopped blogging) Sugabelly, Diane, StandtallMyne Whitman, Ms. Nitty Gritty, Harry Rami-itie, Sisi Yemmie, Good Naija Girl, SugarKing, Naked Sha, Nonye, Iphyigbogurl, Imoteda and Gee to mention a few and I just loved that more Nigerian bloggers were "revealing" themselves.

I have been toying with the idea of no longer being anonymous and someone asked me why i want to stop being anonymous and i asked him, why am i anonymous? That's the question i am asking you guys today. If you blog anonymously why did you chose to do so? Are you doing it because it's sort of the norm with Nigerian bloggers? You don't want to be the victim of our natural Nigeria amebo tendencies in case someone who knows you stumble on your blog?

As for the non-anonymous bloggers, please share what the pros and cons of blogging openly are. There are a good number of bloggers i would love to see just they have such an interesting blog persona. Ermm.... Nice Anon we are tired of seeing ur various body parts, can we see your face now? :) As for Vera and her elusive picture, i won't say too much about that so i don't get a headache but i have seen a picture of Vera, she just doesn't know it.