Faithful Followers

We appreciate the people who take time to follow this blog and still keep coming back even when nothing is going on. On that note, i will randomly pick 10 followers who are also bloggers and do a mini feature on them. This is just our way of saying thank you. There would be no Blog(s)Ville Gist without you guys.

Online Panda : This is technical blog that teaches you how to do stuff on and with your blog, twitter, youtube etc. Visit the site for more information on what the blog is about.

Mwajim Al: With a blog titled Right here...Right now, this is a personal blog that features poems, videos, religious verses and other interesting stuff.

The blog by Udechukwu Nonso Osita, Taciturn turned Talkative is a personal blog by a premedical student at the University of lagos.

Zel: This is a personal blog titled Broken Wings. It's really about a girl trying to find herself and learning to fly again.

Yellow Sisi Unspoken as the name implies, is a personal blog about living life fasionably as a light skinned, Engineering, Nigerian chic abroad. The blog has bright colors too :) I like.

Nonye is a strong believer of the cross, throne and Christ. Her blog is more entertainment than personal. Pretty interesting stories. She promises to give you any and everything refreshing.

Hawt's Reading Room is a blog about books, design, stories and more. Part of the blog is about book reviews and part personal.

With a blog titled Fountain Flows, Omoregee describes her blog as the ink of a ready writer. This is evidenced in her love of length,  interesting blog posts.

Adar's blog titled Miniummi is a personal blog. It gives us a little glimpse into her life, serves as therapy when she seems to be losing it and it a haven to her.

Mis Edu Kayshun (ha ha, i love the word play) is a personal blog about by Iratejane, who lives in lagos. Her last blog entry was in July. So Mis Edu Kayshun, if you see this, please update your blog :)

Thanks guys!!!