tEt cHinese nEW yEAR fOOD

These men and women depend on the sea, maritime wealth, thanks to the sea by providing the most detailed seafood, they had to God, a Chinese woman called Nuwo.

The Chinese food, including fish sticks, the most common salmon, or like to watch parang, and mixed with chopped vegetables and soy sauce mixed fermentation to charming effect. Singapore's labor-intensive preparation is necessary because Yusheng, dishes always in the Chinese-majority countries such as Singapore and date only on special occasions, such as Chinese New Year.

Yusheng is a popular dish in Singapore hotels and restaurants. According to tradition in the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge in Singapore, the family will gather in the rain and clues on the desktop, will toss the food crushed bits into the air and sigh good luck wishes. This practice, known as the "traditional toss, " I win one.