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Celebration of chinese new year
Hang A Leia first place is the room, located in Tower Square, is considered the oldest dim sum house in San Francisco. A snack and a fun way to cart around on the server small plates, to you, whatever you want from the car. You can continue to try many things you want or have the space, such as pork buns and dumplings. Do not count out this restaurant soon, as a snack, and sometimes takes hours, but in fact, this place is full of mostly Chinese customers is a great test of the authenticity of the food.

Popular chinese food
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Another restaurant in Chinatown called the clean cloud, rated as one of the top restaurants in San Francisco's Pacific Street. The location and atmosphere of the restaurant itself is nothing special, in fact, a food critic likened to a homeless shelter, but the food supply has received the highest honor. Chef does not speak English, nor a menu for you to tell him how much you want to spend, and then he will be your several courses to meet the budget. This is a fun way to order and full of great, delicious surprises.

Traditional chinese new year dishes
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Another coffee place to eat is utopian Waverly place is a great place to travel and tourism could be further from the Chinatown restaurants. This place is usually packed with locals and Chinese families, they are well-known clay pot cooking dishes. All the prices are very reasonable and the food is out of this world. The staff are very friendly, the service better, faster than most other parts of Chinatown.