Betrayal is worse than Rape

Someone said this on facebook and I almost fainted. I felt like slapping him through facebook. How can you say betrayal is worse than Rape? He even challenged me: he said I should explain why I felt he was getting it wrong....Imagine the audacity.....I have decided to challenge him by putting it up on blog(s)Ville gist.

According to my dictionary betrayal can be defined as : " to be disloyal to (one's country, organization, or ideology), by acting in the interest of an enemy.

Rape can be defined as : " the crime committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with him without their consent and against their will, esp. by threat or use of violence against them

I can talk to anyone I choose about a betrayal, but I cannot talk to anyone, (most at times the victims never say a word) about rape. Rape is the violation of one's body, mind, soul and spirit.

In Nigeria, Africa rape comes with a lot of negative things like stigma, discrimination from the society, people around etc. The women are sometimes told that they are at fault.
How can it be my fault that I was raped?

Right now I am so angry and I feel that if people still think like this it is so wrong... Rape victims have issues with relationships. They are scared. A lot of them can never build solid, good relationships. And for me instead of saying a stable family is the bedrock of the society I say a solid relationship is the pillar of a functional society, for relationship is what makes everything.

I heard this story and I will like to say this...pathetic as it is true.... A young banker, who was a virgin... was raped on her way home. Now, the rapist when performing the act found out, that she was too tight (according to him..please sorry if I am using offensive languages, permit me today), he took a dagger and tore her open....

What do you think will be this ladies story?

Now can anyone tell me that betrayal is worse that rape?

People go through a lot in this world, that is why we have broken homes and relationships.....

I rest my case: although I'm still boiling...
Like I said last time... I am your relationship expert LOL..
Please if you have any questions concerning this topic or any other topic just let me know.

Let's find it in our heart to help one another.

Today this is for all rape victims, (either female or male)...I am so sorry. Blog(s)Ville Gist sympathizes with you. We can never know what you are going through, but we know one thing: as long as there is life there is hope.