Cyma Greek Food Experience

Have you ever wondered what Greek cuisine tastes like? Every time I passed by Cyma at Ayala Terraces I was always curious what Greek dishes tasted like. Even though I was very curious about their dishes I never tried dining there since I prefer eating at restaurants with familiar dishes.

A couple of days ago I finally had the courage to venture out into unfamiliar cuisine. I also convinced myself not to think too much about the prices of their dishes.hehehe
After entering into the restaurant I was starting to regret my decision to dine their. I kept on thinking about the other familiar dishes I could have eaten at the other restaurants but alas we were already entertained by the waiter and it would be rude to get out after the waiter gave us the menu.hehehe

So instead of thinking about buying a nice juicy steak at Casa Verde I distracted myself with the menu. After browsing the menu I was a bit confused on which dish to pick. Most of the name of their dishes were in greek and I had no idea which ones were good. So I asked the waiter for advice about the dishes that caught my attention.

We decided to order theses dishes

Eggplant Moussaka - P250.00
What made me curious about this dish was that the photo on the menu had a close resemblance with lasagna. I asked the waiter about this dish and his response to me was it was similar to lasagna but had a different taste to it. He was totally right. It was definitely similar to lasagna but it was topped with a very thick cheese layer. At first it tasted fine but as I was finishing my meal I noticed that I the cheese layer overpowered the taste of the other ingredients. The cheese also had a different texture to it. I would only recommend this dish to people who love cheese. Serving size is adequate for one person and I would categorize this as heavy meal.

Marlin - P250.00
Among the three dishes we ordered I liked this the most. It is probably because I was familiar with this dish. It was basically marlin with some citrus sauce and some herbs sprinkled on it. The fish was also perfectly cooked. I guess the only difference I noticed about this dish compared to other restaurants version of this is that the citrus flavor is more powerful in this dish.

Yiouvetsi - P450.00
This dish, according to their menu, is comprised of pasta and lamb. To my surprise it looked more like a rice topped with lamb to me. When I ordered this dish I was expecting a spaghetti liked dish with some lamb on it. Another surprise was the huge serving size. I didn't expect a large mound of rice like pasta on a large plate. The taste was definitely new to me. It wasn't anything close to any pasta that I have tasted. It was something new too me and honestly don't like the taste. Although I liked the lamb I couldn't describe how the pasta tasted like. The only description I have for the pasta is that it lacked some flavor.

After looking at the dishes we ordered I suddenly realized that we ordered more than we could consume. This would be one mistake I wouldn't repeat the next time around. As for the service and ambiance of the restaurant, I have would have to say that their service and ambiance was great. The waiters were very accommodating and the dishes were served within reasonable time.

The prices for the dishes were on average P200.00 above. Although there prices are well above the prices on most restaurant at the terraces, it is totally understandable since there aren't alot of greek restaurants here in Cebu and some of the dishes they serve are quiet heavy and are in large serving sizes.

Even though I have mixed opinions about there dishes, I think it could have been avoided had we asked some opinions from people who regularly dined at that restaurant. I guess I will just have to charge this too experience. Maybe next time I would ask the waiters opinion whenever I need to quench my curiosity on new and unfamiliar dishes.