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Traditionally, food is divided into 4 groups
  1.     Grain is to maintain
  2.     Vegetable oil
  3.     Fruit Support
  4.     To strengthen the meat
In modern terminology, we can find the same carbohydrate grains, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, vitamins, minerals and meat protein.

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40:40:10:10 is considered to be a balance between the ideal and perhaps some changes in the balance between the vegetables and meat.

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It all comes down to your choice
Bearing in mind the knowledge of such a thing possible in order to better and more healthy Chinese food. By definition, it will be more authentic Chinese food.

Rice is the staple food of choice in any Chinese food, if properly cooked, should be delicious. Forget the various forms of fried rice and the next attempt.

Meat dishes, to avoid the coating and fried. Batter absorbs fat and fat used to fry meat and vegetables in the form of only a film. A little bit of fat is fine (actually necessary), but remain reasonable.