Husband Beater

I have read a lot of stories about domestic violence and seen quiet a few. The woman is always the victim.
A lot of foundations have been established for domestic violence. Therapy sessions for the women and even the children, because everyone is affected in this situation.
Even the churches have started advising the women to leave their house for the safety of their lives and the lives of their children.
For me when I see a woman who has been battered by her husband or partner I am so angry, I want to give the man a taste of his own medicine if I can do it....
After all a story I heard of: " a woman who got killed by her husband, after years of family members covering up the fact that their son beat his wife often.

But have you ever thought what it will be like if the man was the one at the receiving end?
How will it look if the woman was the one that beat the man to stupor?
After all I must confess I received great gratification when I watched the film "Enough" by Jennifer Lopex, when she gave her husband a taste of his own medicine.

How do you think it will sound in Naija?Lmao...

I am sure he dares not let his neighbors know, for he is finished as a man. They will call him all sorts of names.
He will be the laughing stock of everyone who hears the story.... So he tries to cover it up.
He has to keep his ego, maybe that is why we hardly hear their side of the story....

Now let me tell you this secret...I hope you don't tell anyone..... I actually know a couple, in their own case the man is the victim....
What do you think will be the man's plight?
As I write I try to put my self in the man's shoes...
I wonder how he will be able to walk up tall when he knows that his secret is outside?

My question is this... Do we have a lot of case like this? Or do you know of any man who has to deal with this every day? I will like to know how he deals with it especially in this society of ours?

After all, we all must have heard of this saying "its a man's world".
How will this man feel in his own world?