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Burmese cuisine is a fusion of Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine, including the widespread use of fish products. Unique taste and vanilla, with regional differences and their agents to make it widely drunk in a different city. Myanmar certainly does not just include pork, meat and fish curries, but also salads 'a thoke' was mainly focused on a major component of rice or wheat and vegetables.

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Traditionally, the low level of local services, food and sat at the table of the mats. Myanmar as a custom that the first one scoop of rice, main course down to show respect elders.The is dominant with rice, meat, vegetables cooked with salty dishes. Burmese cuisine in a formal setting provided a different style and authentic menu, including salads, soups, and curry, the most prominent taste buds are using herbs and tropical fruits and vegetables in Myanmar, will eat regular, roasted, with salt.

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Myanmar beverage choice is green tea. Myanmar food, just brought to its origins in China and India, have been inspired by the Indian food, like Samosa, Halwa and Chapatti improvisation has with Myanmar's authenticity. Chinese influence in Myanmar is reflected in the use of food ingredients such as tofu and soy sauce, a variety of noodles, and fried technology. Myanmar food rhyme about its history as a consumer favorite relish, at present, the best results mangoes, pork meat as the best, Lahpet's (pickled tea) is the best all the leaves