Should Age Really Matter

We say this is the 21st century and everything as revolutionized, but has it really?

It's still surprising to see that a lot of Nigerian men will not marry a lady older than they are. A lot of them walk away when they find out the lady is older, even though they are madly in love with her...
This brings me to my question should age really matter?
Must the man be older than the woman at all times?
If the lady is older does it mean she will be disrespectful and all the other things carried on in the Naija movies are true?

My opinion when it comes to relationship, age shouldn't be a problem. Like I have always said a relationship is just "two of them", no third party or extended family members involved...

For me age is just a number. If the lady is older than her man, and so?
What matters is that they love each other, respect each other and have decided to spend the rest of their lives together...

We say oh the pressure from the in laws when they find out the age?
Is it their business?
In this instance both party should be able to stand together, maintain their decision and make everyone understand that this is what they want..

"I have an aunty who married at the age of 35 and her husband 30.... 5 years difference..
Today they have 3 children and trust me, they look good together.

All said and done...we should learn to out grow all this superstitious believes and realize that we truly are in the computer age, where a lot of things have changed...

P.S: " Age is just a number what matters in a relationship are the people.