Around Blogsville

Hello people,

Welcome to another long overdue edition of "Around Blogsville". I've got to keep it short and simple because the clock's a-ticking and time's a-wasting.

February the month of love is about to come to an end :( In case you are unaware, Myne Whitman has been featuring real love stories on her blog all month long. Check it out! Fun and interesting stuff. I've learned a thing or two. One being that i should go to church more....I might just jam my husband there. I kid, i kid!

A happy belated birthday to baby Qmoney. This is wishing our newest blogsville mommy (that i'm aware of) God's blessings and grace in raising her precious bundle.

Naija returnee blogger, Babajide Salu, has started an entertainment blog - Rockshock Entertainment. Stop by for your lastest naija entertainment news. The main website would be launching sometime in March.

Veteran blogger - Harry Rami-Itie also started a new website. Yadamag. Stop by, check it out, if you like it, keep going back. You better like it because i said so :)

Newbie blogger Mrs. Newlywed, pretty new to blogging, recently married and all that good stuff. Trying to adjust to married life and moving to the UK from the US after getting married. Check out her blog. iLike! You should too.

If you know anything about me (which you probably don't :) I am a self proclaimed foodie. Although i actually enjoy cooking more than i enjoy eating if that makes any sense. Avartsy Cooking is still doing her thing... latest recipe - Coconut candy. I finally have something to do with the impulse coconut flakes i bought some time ago.
Also, 9jaFoodie has recently come to my attention and captured my heart. Check her out if you haven't already.

That's all for now, people. Don't hesitate to email us at if you want to be featured on this blog for whatever reason (well, not exactly whatever reason, but you get what i mean).

Enjoy the rest of your week/weekend.

Bye Lovies.