Baby Gaga: Breast Milk Ice Cream

 An ice-cream parlor in London called Icecreamists has introduced a new ice-cream flavor called Baby Gaga, featuring human breast milk!
Don’t book your tickets yet, it’s already sold out. Yes, you heard correctly the breast milk ice-cream was actually a huge hit and the Icecreamists posted on its twitter earlier, “BABY GAGA IS SOLD OUT To everyone emailing, calling and visiting there is NO Baby Gaga ice cream available….”
No word on when it will be available again, we project shortly after the ice-cream flavor sold out in record time.
The newly popular ice-cream flavor contains lemon zest, vanilla pods, and human breast milk purchased from a local mother. (The local mother makes around 24 bucks for every 12 ounces.) No ordinary ice-cream for no ordinary price, the creative dessert goes for 20 dollars a serving!
Icecreamists founder Matt O’Connor told BBC, ”If it’s good enough for our children, it’s good enough for the rest of us.”
On the boutique’s Facebook page the ice-cream shop says the Icecreamists is known for dispensing what is described as a ‘hallucinatory freezer cabinet of nitrogen-tipped vice creams and guilty pleasures’.  ‘Patients’ are offered a kaleidoscopic assortment of medications including an ice cream transfusion with a syringe, toast, flames, bombes, cold sweats, a baby’s bottle and liquid nitrogen!