BVG features: Neks2U

Neks2u is all about fashion, fun and everything fabulous! Everything fabulous includes entertainment, events, hair and beauty.

 BVG: Tell us about yourself what made you interested in fashion.
Neks: I grew to love fashion sometime during my second year in the University. My partime job at the time as a Sales Associate in a female retail store added to my current fascination. I remember I would get excited anytime a new collection was delivered to the store. I'm not artistic in any way or form, therefore my interest in fashion stemed from a journalistic perspective.

Hence, I love to observe the intricacies of fashion from design to editorials to runway and find a way to express it verbally or in writing. My entree into blogging was originally to stave of the boring effect of being a copper. But then this presented a perfect opportunity to develop the blog into more of a fashion and lifestyle portal, where African designers are featured and people can access information based on these designers, as well as other interesting tidbits that are posted.

Neks2U not only features the latest fashion from both Nigerian and foreign designers, red carpet looks, style tips,  you can also get tips on make-up and what to do on Valentine's day. For anyone who is interested in fashion, make-up and entertainment,  i would highly recommend this blog. Check out Neks2U here.

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