Cardiologists urges Nigerians to drink coffee for healthy lifestyle. Really?

COFFEE drinking has been prescribed as one of the most cost effective means of attaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s hustle and bustle of city life. This was the message for all Nigerians last week in Lagos, during the unveiling of the Ignite programme, an educational campaign targeted at enlightening Nigerians about coffee and health with scientific data and research.

Coordinator of the Ignite scientific committee, Consultant Cardiologist and Associate professor of medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos (CMUL), Dr. Jane Ajuluchukwu, said the low level of literature and facts available to Nigerians on the subject of coffee and its impact on health inspired the initiative.
“The pan-African Ignite programme is very vital as it sets to provide Nigerians with scientifically proven facts and case studies and will create mass enlightenment on coffee and health,” she stated.
Ajuluchukwu further observed that there is so much assumption and mystery around the subject of coffee such that many people are quite unaware of its health benefits and factors.
” Just like there is need to consume a recommended amount of every useful body nutrients, coffee should be consumed in moderation. If not abused, coffee has some health benefits which could be very helpful for people”.
She added that it is common knowledge that coffee contains caffeine like many other beverages but because of fear, lack of information and superstitions are responsible for the level of enlightenment concerning coffee and argued that science has proven that coffee is good for stimulating mental alertness and curing Parkinson’s disease amongst numerous other functions but people need to have the truth backed with data to make their choices.
Other members of the committee are Dr. Brai Bartholomew, a Nutritional Researcher, and Dr Sunday Olayemi, and Associate professor of medicine


I cannot believe what i just read. Coffee is bad for you! I don't know where these cardiologists got their information. I'm not a doctor (yet) but i'm in an environment were all my classmates are pretty much addicted to caffeine. I would be too if i could drink the thing. Everyone knows that caffeine is bad for your body. Yes, there are some benefits to drinking coffee but in the long run it is more detrimental than beneficial to your body. I'm just concerned that someone would just report this, and most people would take it as truth and not bother to do further research. Coffee cures Parkinson's disease? GTFOH!!!!

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