Joed Lutong Hapon

A couple of weeks ago my friends went out on a food trip. A friend of mine told me that there was an affordable Japanese restaurant at Mabolo. After hearing his discovery, I have been itching to go there.

When another friend told me that he knows the location of that restaurant and that he is planning to go there, I told him that I wanted to go with him on his food trip. When we arrived there, I never realized that Joed's Lutong Hapon was right under my nose and I have been passing by it a lot of times but I just didn't notice it.

There was nothing extra ordinary about the place. It was just like any other local dinners with mono block tables and chairs. The ambiance wasn't extra ordinary. What made it stand out among all other dinners was the fact that the food in their menu were Japanese dishes.

If you have been reading my past posts, you'll notice that I love eating Japanese dishes. So after browsing the menu we decided to order our food. Most of the food we ordered were not the typical food we would order at a Japanese restaurant but we decided to try them out. I guess this was one advantage of eating at an affordable japanese restaurant.

My friends and I decided that we should share our food so that we could taste more dishes instead of just one. I enjoyed most of their food and I have no complains about it. Although I would admit that their dishes are not in the same league compared to those popular Japanese restaurants.

Chicken Teriyaki - Breaded fried chicken with a thin coat of teriyaki sauce

Currydon - P65

Ebi Tempura - P120 Breaded Fried shrimps. Unlike most japanese restaurants, Joed's Ebi tempura uses smaller shrimps for their tempuras compared to the prawns used on most on most tempuras found on commercial Japanese restaurants.

Karagedon (Chicken) - P65 Breaded fried chicken with egg rice topping

Katsudon (Pork) - P65 Breaded porkchop with egg rice topping

Sukiyaki Don (Beef) - P95

Tuna Sashimi - Thinly sliced tuna sashimi served with cocumber

Tyahan - P55 Japanese Fried Rice.

I would say that eating at Joed's has some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages would have to be the price of their dishes. Although the taste and presentation aren't up to par with the commercial restaurants. The price difference is also quite huge. The disadvantages is that most of the time the place is full and it takes time to serve your dishes since they can't keep up with the number of customers they have. As I mentioned earlier you shouldn't expect dishes to be the same as the ones served on commercial restaurants. For the price I think it is worth trying out some of Joed's dishes.

Joeds is located onIt is just across the elevated basketball court corner of Regla St. and Juan Luna Avenue.

I visited the place again I am glad to say that their service has improved. The serving time has drastically improved and dishes are served much faster. Thumbs up to the owner for the improvements of their service.