Cebu has a lot of hidden places to explore. From hidden beaches and resort to restaurants tucked away deep on those numerous small streets away from the main road. A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to explore one of these hidden restaurants. Even though I have passed by that area a lot of times I never noticed that there was a restaurant on that area.

I was hanging out with a friend when we couldn't decide where we would have our dinner. She suggested that we go to Leonardo's since their lasagna tasted good. After hearing the things she mentioned I was excited to try another new restaurant.

Once we arrived at the place I was astonished to find out that it was located at the back of my friends house. My first impression of the place was good. The ambiance was ideal for a date. Even though my visit there was a bit noisy my second visit was very much serene.

One factor to consider whenver you dine out is the price range of the dishes served at a particular restaurant. I wouldn't mind paying a high price so long as the food is worth every penny. So far I have only visited the place twice and here are the dishes I have tried as of now.

Chef Salad - P90.00 A combination of sliced cold meats and cheese, served in a bed of greens in Thousand Island dressing.

The salad was just lettuce, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, boiled egg and ham. There weren't any seasoning or special sauces to enhance the flavor of the salad. I wasn't expecting to be served with a salad which I could easily prepare at home. Its a good thing that this dish wasn't that expensive and it is served in sufficient sized portions.

Pizza - The best description I could provide for their pizza is that it is at the same bracket as JCA's pizza or MB's Pizza. Since there are a lot of pizzas available here in Cebu I think there isn't anything special about their pizza. If I were in the mood for pizza I would pick Davinci's or Alberto's over their pizza.

Lasagna - P185.00 Alternate layers of pasta and bolognaise in creamiest tomato sauce.
I have no complains about the taste of their Lasagna. I guess it would have been better had they priced it a little lower or increased the serving size. There are a lot of other restaurants which serve lasagna at a lower price, but if ever I would go back there I wouldn't hesitate ordering this.

Chicken N' a Basket - P175.00 Large chicken cut into 6 pieces, seasoned hand breaded, and deep fried, served in a basket.

When it comes to fried chicken I am a bit picky. I really don't care if the fried chicken comes from a fast food chain or a fancy restaurant. What really matters to me is that the fried chicken is properly cooked and that the coating is tasty and crispy. The chicken they served us wasn't properly cooked. I also didn't like the taste of their coating. I wouldn't order this dish the next time around.

Sizzling Pork Steak w/ Garlic Herbed Butter - P180.00 Pan fried slices of pork fillet marinated in lemon and soy sauce served with garlic herbed butter
I was expecting a large thick slice of pork chop to be served but was disappointed with what I saw. I could have gotten the same serving size with rice and drinks at half the price. Another disappointing thing is the lack of presentation on this dish. The pork chop didn't look appetizing to me.

It took approximately around 15-20 minutes to serve the food. Service was also very good. The waiters were quick to take our orders, even during the time when the place was full. Now for the not so good comments about the place.

I personally have mixed opinion about their food. Most of their dishes particularly lacked some presentation. This would have been understandable had they priced their dishes a bit lower. Serving sizes were small and pricey. For the same price range you could get better prepared dishes.

Even though I had some issues with there dishes there were some good things I mentioned about the place. I would still go there once in a blue moon but it would only be for drinks. The ambiance and service was ok but after my experience with their dishes, I would rather dine at other restaurants serving the same dishes.