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Animals and elements

The fourth year of a new 12-year cycle begins (as usual) and the Year of the Rat in 2008, followed by the (always) in the Year of the Ox and the Tiger, 2009 and 2010, respectively. February 3, 2011 start to see a rabbit year ended 16 January 2012. Repeat each of these 12-year cycle based on the annual energy is to change the elements of the 10-year period through the parallel elements (elements which repeat in the first five consecutive years from Yin Yang then and now) (1). Year of the Rabbit 20011-12 Yin energy changes (small) metal - 5 yuan qigong enthusiasts will have some understanding of the function of each element, characteristics and basic role of human (and universal) Constitution - Summary of the properties of each element as follows.

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Characteristics of the Five Elements

Wood Green, growth and expansion, foster, 'spirit' versatility;

Fire: red, heat, light, heat, explosion of the state, destruction;

Earth: Yellow, support, interaction, balance, wisdom, asphyxia;

Metal: White strong, good communication, brilliant, intense. Threatening, libelous (2010 and 2011 per year);

Water: blue / black, internal, emotional, understanding, sensitive, and detection.

2011-12 Year of the Rabbit

After a turbulent year of the tiger (2010-2011), its annual yang metal elements, and its conflict and crisis, the global money supply and national currency, Year of the Rabbit provides some welcome peace and quiet (this is the need to prepare for the upcoming year of the dragon.) Yin metal, in dollars, which means that individuals, rather than focusing on the protection of the national and the Ministry of Finance and training in these and other fields.Things more laid-back calm and relaxation for individuals (although the over-relaxation, especially in financial matters, should be avoided .) Per year, a small (negative) metal help to strengthen them, making them more durable as time progress.

View the full moon, you can (such as Chinese) spot a rabbit, standing under a tree, his mouth held elixir. Their breeding rate, we will never see a world almost insufficient, so eager is the symbol of longevity - his place greater emphasis on the moon on the moon links, in the breeding cycle. Such longevity is a good topic, the Year of the Rabbit meditation on the pitch.

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Lunar Light

Yuan ta ah, New Year Day, the beginning of this year's second new moon (the first 13 and last 28 days the first month of the departure) as a celebration of the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Lunar month is actually 29.5 days, so the Chinese an extra month on a regular basis (about every 19 years), so it is a predictable movable feast, different start and end dates each year.