I love writing poetry but lately I haven't been able to write or think  anything, then I wrote an essay for a class and realised that women or rather I have forgotten how special and gifted we are, so I wrote this and its helped me smile and I hope it does the same for you.

Bitterness, anger, and pain
My companions these past years
Living within me, festering and feeding
The racism, the sexism, the ageism
Let me introduce myself,
I am a woman
A black woman
And I live in a world that asks me to work
Extra hard not just because I am a woman but also because I dare to be black
I dare to not be a slave
I dare to have an education
I dare to have children and bring them up by myself and I dare to succeed
I am a woman
A woman, who has a man
He goes out day after day, comes home drunk and smelling of something cheap and dirty
And I dare to look after him
I dare to give him food and give him money because the world isn't a pretty place for a black man nowadays
I do it because I am a black woman
I am the spine of my home
I have been taught that failure to hold a home is failure at being a woman
So what if he goes to every whore house in europe?
He always comes home to me
To my thick thighs and wide arms
To this body with its weariness
Sagging breasts and flabby stomach
Each scar, a mark that shows he owns me
Each stretch mark proof that I have been loved and I am fertile enough to prove it

My arms have held babies, and his head,
All have cried into this bosom at one point or another
I am a black woman
I am a stronghold
A force to be reckoned with
I have a voice which shouts love and
Reprimands with the same strength
A voice which sings the Lords praises with no care in the world
I have attended every football game
Every dance class
Every graduation
I remember every smile, every laugh
I remember everything

The time has come to send all this bitterness, pain and anger away
The time has come to embrace the goddess within
The beauty of being a woman
The power that has been invested in me
Its time to take pride in me, in womanhood
Its time to be a proud black woman
To take a stand and be free again
Free to do and to be
A woman.