Bikini Clad woman in Burger King Brawl

A bikini-clad woman wanted a Whopper -- and she gave a walloping.

Police in Panama City Beach, Fla., say Kimesa Smith hopped on the counter of a Burger King on March 19 and attacked employees because she felt her order of a Whopper Jr. and fries was taking too long.

"We tore the Burger King up," the 31-year-old reportedly told investigators. "I don't play no games."

After waiting 20 minutes before receiving her meal, the self-described "first-time spring breaker" allegedly hurled her food at employees, jumped on the counter, pulled a manager's hair and struck workers with a charity jar filled with coins, The Smoking Gun reports.

A YouTube video of the incident shows other Burger King patrons -- some of them also in bikinis -- tossing napkins and a chair around the fast food joint.

When officers attempted to restrain the suspect, Smith allegedly said, "Take your damn hands off me, you can't touch me."

According to the website, Smith felt she and her friends were being mistreated from the moment they entered the eatery.

"When I walked in, they had no smiles on their faces. We weren't treated fairly," she reportedly said. "If I knew what was gonna happen, I would've gone to Taco Bell."

Smith was hit with a misdemeanor battery charge. No employees were injured in the fight, and no other diners were charged.


 Kimesa Smith, making black people look bad, one BK brawl at a time. SMH. Some people have no home training or self control. It's disgusting.