BVG features: Nutritionalert!

Nutritionalert! as the name implies is a site that provides information about health and wellness.  The blog is owned by a Nutritionist who manages a wellness center in Abuja. She is passionate about human health and how food can improve our lives with regards to healthy eating and diseases.

According to the editor of the site, Nutritionalert! was birthed by a desire to give out useful information for free (most times what people pay to hear during counseling sessions with her). She also hopes to use it as a platform to market/ publicize some books that she is working on.

You can follow the blog to keep up to date with the information posted on there. You can also become a fan on facebook. Fans on the facebook page receive daily health tips and are also allowed to make contributions or ask questions that will be responded to by the editor of the site and other Nutritionists.

About the editor:
Chioma Daniel-Mmiriukwu is a Nutritionist and columnist with extensive experience in individualized nutrition profiling, counseling and diet planning, aimed at helping clients improve the quality of their health and fitness levels. Having worked with clients in various aspects of life, she has a rich and diverse cultural perspective on nutrition and how to apply the practical knowledge in health and disease conditions. Her clientele cuts across individuals with need for weight management, Diet counseling, stress management, general lifestyle modulation and those with health concerns that require diet changes like the hypertensive, diabetic, arthritic, etc. She is a wife and a mother