Controversial Topic: Is homosexuality nature or nurtue?

I'm studying sociology at the moment, and the essay of the moment is 'Crime and Deviance: what is the difference?' Homosexuality is seen as a criminal act, being gay is frowned upon so much in Nigeria, its punishment; 14 years imprisonment. But I do not live in Nigeria, so I have a different outlook on homosexuality. I know two gay guys, let's call them D and A. D is the original gay guy, we met during an argument about mascara, its odd having a conversation with a guy who knows what type of makeup fits your skintone and what kinna shoes should be worn with each outfit. While A is a completely different person, he's an army cadet, loves football and does not know the difference between 'Mac' and 'Bobby brown' but he's also gay. Both these guys are Christians and Caribbean.

The scientific explanation for homosexuality is that there is a gene which comes out warped in some way.
The bible has taught me that each and every person is created in God's image and likeness, perfect in all ways.
So why are people born each day with some sort of disease or disorder or gay?
Is it because when Eve ate that damn apple, our genes were incorporated with some other things?
Or is it because at some point in our ancestry, someone had been cursed or had simply generated the disease and we do not know?

Could it be in the case of homosexuality, that because it is an old tradition for people of the same sex to share a bed, greek and roman soldiers had sex with one another when at war, maybe the fact that it was done among these men, it might have become ingrained in them, and when they raped/slept with the slaves or their women, they passed along these desires?
(I'm not sure if that can happen btw)

But let's say for the sake of argument that there is a gene that is inserted in certain people that makes them desire people of their own sex, then why are there different types of homosexuals? Why are there feminine men and masculine women? Why when in a relationship does one need to act like a woman and one like a man? Why can't someone like A go for someone else who likes football and the army? Why does he want a guy who can cook and clean and who smells like roses?
Why does D fancy the same bad boys that I do? The same sexy, rough and manly men I do?
Why is it that when two women are in a relationship together, one doesn't wear lipstick or dresses?
Maybe my theory is right? Maybe it has been passed along by those men/women of old who experimented with one another out of loneliness or boredom or whatever.

Or maybe its because of the way they are brought up? I remember reading an interview of a famous model and I remember her saying 'I want little gay boys' I was shocked, what mother wants her children to be homosexual? Why doesn't she want grandchildren or 'normal' boys? Has the world come to the point where people pray for these things?

D told me that he realised he was gay from a really young age, he just didn't find females attractive at all. While A said he found out he was gay when he was kissed in high school by a male teacher. They both found it hard to tell their parents, the fear of alienation was ripe and being caribbean, being gay just wasn't accepted. Neither was brought up to be gay in anyway so does this cancel the nurture idea?
Is it really all nature? Or does environment have anything to do with it? Maybe because that mother wants her children to be gay, she'll bring them up to be as feminine as possible?

But then again I know a very straight guy who 'acts gay', with feminine opinions and a way of carrying himself that reminds me of a girl, but his excuse is that he grew up in a household full of women. Why didn't he turn out gay? Why does he still find women attractive? How caan he be straight, when he grew up around women? Does that mean that nurture has nothing to do with it?

 I started this with a question and I still haven't answered it completely, I have too few cases to base an answer on, the bible says being gay is wrong yet there are gay priests and gay churches all praising this one God.

Am I thinking too much into it or is this question one you ask yourself sometimes?