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Strategic Chic - I am a post-graduate student at the University of Dundee;juggling my studies with some part time job, volunteering, watching Desperate House Wives, keeping hope alive, watching Nollywood movies(oh yes I do!) and now blogging. I'm no great writer; just a chic musing around on Eduformation (education that, Careers and some other stuff in my little corner. Time to log on to Strategic Mode....

Iwalewa -  Ewa(Beauty),18 yrs old,student, live in NY,mature,naive, can be funny, sometimes sensitive and moody.

Chizzy K-  Chizy's Spyware is about Naija News, Gossip, Entertainment, Fashion update and of-course random thoughts of a Nigerian girl.

HoneyDame: Musings...illusions and Delusions is by a drop-alive-smoking-sweet-heterosexual-naija-chic.....Student,living on the East Coast of, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious-depending on the time of the day and day of the week. This a completely freestyle-type enjoy!

Kitkat Tales: your average teen (ok maybe not so average :p) trying to blog inbetween getting chocolate wasted, plotting world domination, trying not to flunk tests, thinking up new ways to coax her mum into letting her get a puppy,searching for Mr right,finding the hair-cream that would finally make her hair grow,loving beyonce,stalking celebs on twitter,trying to write a novel, and shopping for the cutest nerdiest glasses :)...oh and finding the perfect pillow!!

Vicky Okuns : All things Vicky, from cupcakes to shoes.

Naijamum - Born in Nigeria, resident in the UK. I welcome the contradiction this brings! Mother, wife, sister, niece, friend, aunt, godmother, confidant.....many things to lots of people. Eager to share and eager to learn; I love life (and all its challenges) because whatever we overcome only makes us stronger

Unforgettable: Fishing for Diamonds. "I see diamonds swimming in the sea sea sea and they are calling to me me" -Me If you're wondering what this blog is about,see the "About Me" section or just read some posts!

I live. I believe. I love. I remain. I see. I understand. I listen. I speak. Cryptic, no?

Lady Ngo: Im just your typical Nigerian-American girl. I like writing and constantly have crazy thoughts running through my mind so why not have a blog?!? lol

Mrs Newlywed : Recently married to a wonderful man chosen for me by God. We are in the process of relocating to nigeria. I will be blogging about my experiences with my new found TITLE every chance i get. stay tune!

 Loud -Thots!!!
adeteju is the 2nd of 3 Children. She is passionate about God ... Adeteju loves to read and also writes, she is of the view that a reader is a leader. She is a wife and a mother.

Pretty,Cool, Loves to write, Loves God and family with a passion,Loves to Tweet,More of an innie than an outie, but likes to be more of an outie

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