Uniben Undergraduate In Sex Video Scandal

Currently in the Ugbowo campus of the University of Benin, the story of one female undergraduate, Efe is the gist among students as a live sex video of hers is being circulated around the campus. It has not only cause the 200 level Benin born young lady a great pain but also her close friends and family members as she has deserted the campus because of the social stigma. Efe who lives in Benin City with her parents attempted suicide but was lucky to have survived after her brother found her lying helplessly in the bathroom before rushing her to the hospital. The sex video was allegedly leaked by her closest friend, Kaine who is said to also live on campus. Efe and Kaine were said to be best friends before the incident. They were so close that everyone on campus knew them to be 5 and 6. While some say it was an intentional act, many others argued that she didn’t mean to expose Efe the way it happened. It is gathered that Efe had gone to Kaine’s house in Osasogie to spend the night. Since she didn’t go with her blackberry charger, Kaine offered that she can charge with her laptop because she also had to charge her phone. Later in the night, after Efe had slept off, Kaine was said to have downloaded the private pictures and sex video on her laptop without Efe’s knowledge. The next day she showed some of their other friends and they also copied it on their phone. Somehow Efe found out about it and had a fight with Kaine who deleted the video immediately and also requested that their two other friends delete the pictures and video. Innocently, Efe moved around campus not knowing the picture has been circulated among students. She was said to be in the classroom when she received sex video of herself and the next thing that came out of her mouth was ‘Kaine has killed me’. She ran out of the class and that was the last day she was seen on campus. Kaine who is at the centre of the controversy has also not shown her face on campus and this is because the guy seen ‘heading’ Efe in the video is a known cultist on campus and has threatened to deal with her if she ever steps her feet on campus again. Since the video leaked, sources close to Efe told us that being a resident of Benin has made it worse for her because the video is also in town and being a very popular person, she has found it difficult to bear the stigma. Her parents, we learnt have also seen the video with her father threatening to disown her. Sad and frustrated, Efe, few weeks ago attempted to take her life by taking some pills but was saved by her brother who found her lying on the bathroom floor and quickly rushed her to the hospital where she spent three days receiving treatment.