A vasectomy is considered a permanent method of birth control. A vasectomy prevents the release of sperm when a man ejaculates. Vasectomy is a very effective (99.8%) birth control method. It is safer, cheaper procedures that causes fewer complications than tubal ligation in women.

Enough of the medical talk lets get down to business...

I was chatting with my doctor brother one day and I said the best method of birth control is tubal ligation ( lay man's words tying of the woman's tubes), after the woman is sure she is through with having kids. To my surprise my brother told me No... He said that the best form of birth control is Vasectomy. Very effective method used in curbing a nation's overpopulation.

Nicely said but which Naija man will do it?
When will we get to the point where this will be made legal cos of our population growth, as I learnt has taken effect or in the process of taking effect loll, in India...

Imagine a scene where the man actually does a vasectomy. Now we know that women can talk especially when they are amongst their friends, and somehow they like to show off in their dressing as well as in their speech... The conversation goes like this...

Bisi: ha I am tired of this man oh...
Bola: which man are you talking about Bisi...(sighs) what is the problem?
Efe: Yes Bisi what is it this time. Please tell us, you know we are friends?
Bisi: my dear is my husband. He will not let me rest. EveryEtime he wants something. even when I am tired"
Blessing: "which nonsense abeg tell him to give you space oh jare. The way women are treated has to be stopped in this country. You have a right to let him know how you feel.
Efe & Bola: I agree with you Blessing.
Bisi: that is the problem, I have tried. In fact it is when when I am tired that is he charged. I don't know what to do. The worse thing is that I just found out I am pregnant again.
Bola: "again.. are you crazy you already have 4 children now, 2 boys, 2 girls what are you looking for?
Efe: So you mean Bisi in this 21st century you can't use a family planning method?
Bisi: I have used all and it just doesn't seem to work for me the problem is that my husband doesn't even like any birth control plan.
Bola: this is why I love my husband he is just a sweet heart. You know the last time we traveled
Efe: yes in january, what happened?
Bola: we didn't go for any holiday, my husband went to do a vasectomy... So I am free as a bird and it is almost 100% effective..
Efe & Blessing : are you serious?
Bola: yes my dear...we need to take matters into our hands..We call the shorts now not our husbands. So Bisi better wise up...

Later at home, bed time

Bisi: will you get our hands off me"
Emeka: " ah ah ah Bisi what is the matter. You have never shouted on me before", Emeka complained, surprised at his wife's reaction.
Switching on the room light, Bisi stood up. She was going to give this her husband a piece of her mind. It's time she wisen up in this house. " Look even after I told you that I am pregnant again you still want to touch me. Look at you, useless man. Your mates are doing vasectomy you you are here touching me every minute.
emeka: " what did you say?"... which mates..which man does that? I have told you God will take charge.
Bisi: Biodun, biola's husband did a vasectomy, can't you see that they have just 2 kids... Useless man. Is he not you mate. You men are always looking for opportunity to have children outside marriage..Just don't touch me I have told you.

Next Day In a Joint:
Emeka: Paul, Peter, Wari did you guys see that guy that just passed by?
Paul: "ehehen what about him?
Peter: "isn't it that Biodun your wife's friend's husband?
Emeka: that's the point. you can imagine the man did a vasectomy. what rubbish.
Paul: " are you serious...please don't let me spill my beer. What for?
Emeka: for birth control
Peter: What an ass. Woman wrapper... This man must be removed from the male kingdom.
Paul: so u mean say e no fit born child again?
Emeka: yes naw. No mind am e own don finsih.

Can you imagine how miserable the man's life will be especially in a society as ours?
God will help us..

Do take care and have a lovely weekend..

Notez bien: I hope you enjoyed my little stories. Will love to hear your thoughts on this one.