What's your number?


Please read the "picture". It is very important to this post. So last december, there was a post on Bella Naija titled "Honesty Junkie" and it pretty much talked about how honest you should be in your relationship. The post was all well and good but what got me was the comment posted above. I cracked up so bad, i thought it was the funniest thing i had seen in a long time. That someone would take the time to figure out a formula to calculate how many people you have slept with was freaking hilarious to me.

After i directed my friend to read the comment, she responded by saying "Oh this means i'm a virgin" Lol. OMG. How important is the number of people you have slept with anyway? To be honest, i think i will look at a guy differently if he tells me he has slept with 50 people. That right there is a man whore, there's no two ways about it. We all know that women don't even have to do much to be labeled sluts. My friend says this is the reason why she "recycles". First time i had heard of that concept. So let's say you sleep with two people in the same month, but you had slept with those people at some point in the past, maybe a few years ago, it's good because it doesn't increase your number. Na wa o! See logic.

Really though, is there even any need to disclose your number? Unless you were a porn star or a reformed prostitute, i think the past should stay in the past. Still, i LOVE that formula. I think it's too funny.